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39th Annual Creativity Awards & Veer

So, today was a pretty good day. No problems today.. didn’t get in trouble for anything today. It was great. I received an email from our PR/Media person at the studio informing me that we (trying to be humble here) … Continue reading

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Daily Random

Well, in an effort to do something on a daily basis for my poor, underappreciated blog, I’ll do a little daily random. Perhaps a photo, iPhone photo, a sketch or a thought. Now that I’ve put it out there… Here’s … Continue reading

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Something for the kids.

Found myself behind the computer more than necessary tonight and I wasn’t even that productive. Got a few things set up on the new computer (woo ha!!), which was nice. Anyway.. sat down for a few and this guy popped … Continue reading

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Halloween on Pine

Jesus it’s been quite some time since my last post. I’m almost embarrassed really.. One of these days I’ll figure out that I actually need to keep posting even if I don’t have some work that I’ve finished. Which brings … Continue reading

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