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I love putting on an event! Along with two friends of mine, Ian Smith and Michael Cartwright, we put on a show called Scene&Heard. I would love to send you to the web page, but you might as well just … Continue reading

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Ah yes. Randomness at work on a Friday. I love it. So Nate and Nycole went to the Howard CDM BBQ today and Nate won a box of goodies consisting of the following: 1. Green glowsticks 2. Yellow glowsticks 3. … Continue reading

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A friend of mine Troy Grover has been taking some very nice pictures lately. I wanted to try out some things design wise so I “borrowed” one of his images (don’t worry, I’ve asked for permission.. I just haven’t gotten … Continue reading

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The Girls.

About a week or so ago, Steph Dillon and I found this nice little picture on and decided that we should each do our own sort of take on an illustration of her, then combine them to see what … Continue reading

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