3 Little Pigs

Quick and dirty.

3 Little Pigs done for Stephanie, quick and dirty style.

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Hot Dog!

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Hardbodies 2010

Boom! Hardbodies 2010 is coming up fast. It’s almost LA Marathon time and the Hardbodies gang has added another member. Rich gave me a call wanting to update the Hardbodies just a little bit to accommodate the new addition. Here it is! Go HARDBODIES!

Run fatboy, run!

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Art @ Home

Yesterday, Stephanie made a little journey and picked up some fabric and some frames and told me that we have a project to do. So, I came home and helped her make her project.. Here’s how it went.

Here's the final. Hanging in the house.

Harvey gets ready to help out.

Harvey and I got out our tools and got to work!

Staple guns out!

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Monster #1

Here he is. Monster #1. A little project that I’m working on.

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Holiday Spectacular Poster

Boom. A little something for the Young Americans. Quick turnaround.. project due tomorrow.. which means I had some freedom.

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Bike Long Beach

So, whilst at Vision Design Studio, we were approached by the City of Long Beach to build a website for them called Bike Long Beach.org. Out of this sprung the opportunity to change their existing logo idea for something new.

Stainless steel version created by Patrick Vogel

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I love putting on an event! Along with two friends of mine, Ian Smith and Michael Cartwright, we put on a show called Scene&Heard. I would love to send you to the web page, but you might as well just start out by following us on Twitter. To make a long story short, a few of us At work have been building an event to take place at The Art Institute of Phoenix. Today, I started to put together some of the atwork for it.. Here’s the first draft. Oh, it’s a design competition.


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Ah yes. Randomness at work on a Friday. I love it. So Nate and Nycole went to the Howard CDM BBQ today and Nate won a box of goodies consisting of the following:

1. Green glowsticks
2. Yellow glowsticks
3. Heavy-duty hand cleaner
4. Hand conditioner
5. Airgas Equipment manual
6. Earplugs
7. Harley-Davidson safety glasses
8. Headbands

What!? Yah.. exactly. Here’s us in the parking lot:

Nate (and the awesome glasses), me, Nycole, and Stephanie

Nate (and the awesome glasses), me, Nycole, and Stephanie

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A friend of mine Troy Grover has been taking some very nice pictures lately. I wanted to try out some things design wise so I “borrowed” one of his images (don’t worry, I’ve asked for permission.. I just haven’t gotten it at this point) (UPDATE – Got permission. Hollar!) and went to town. Hopefully, if he sees this first he’ll allow the use.

So thank you, Troy, for the image. I had fun.

Photo: Troy Grover; Model: Alyssa Kennedy

Photo: Troy Grover; Model: Alyssa Kennedy

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